Our Mission: Rooted in Catholic values and in a community of parents, students, and the parishes of St. John Neumann, St. Peter, and St. Thomas Becket, Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is committed to creating an environment of academic, spiritual, and intellectual growth for its students that encourages a life-long love of learning and God’s Word.

Founded in: 2000
Located in: Eagan, Minnesota
Current Enrollment: 390
School Hours: 8:00am to 2:30pm

Academic Excellence Surrounded by Community and Faith
  • Dedication to academic excellence and our belief that it fosters life-long learners and prepares students for a successful future
  • Personalized learning experiences that  go far beyond what is found in traditional educational environments
  • Embracing technology and innovation to foster advanced learning opportunities
  • Welcoming community that welcomes you and keeps you coming back for more
Faculty and Licensure/Accreditation
The faculty at Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is deeply devoted to its students. Our teachers persistently strive to push students beyond simple course completion and passing grades, and nurture them into their fullest potential. All of our teachers are college graduates and twenty out of thirty-six hold Master’s degrees. Our teachers continuously take classes and always stay up-to-date with the newest and most effective teaching methods. Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is fully licensed as a Pre-K through eighth grade school, and is fully accredited by the Minnesota non-Public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA).

Educational Model
Faithful Shepherd operates under the Professional Learning Communities model. This model uses “I Can” statements, common assessments, and flexible groupings to emphasize individualized learning that both challenges students and provides an education that matches each child’s pace of learning. Advanced learning activities and groups offer a faster-paced curriculum for students already proficient in the subject, while students who need extra time or skills to achieve the target receive the attention and resources needed. This approach to education ensures the constant progress and growth of each student.  Watch our video about Professional Learning Communities here.

Technology and Innovation
At Faithful Shepherd, we integrate technology into our classrooms and curriculum to foster problem-solving and collaboration skills in our children, which are vital components of a successful future. All K-2 classrooms are equipped with an interactive Smartboard and all 3rd-8th grade classrooms are provided with short-throw projectors. Students have access to a fully-equipped computer lab, with technology class being taught as a core subject. We provide Chromebooks to all of our middle-school students to help them manage coursework, and a Chromebook cart is available for use by the third, fourth, and fifth grade classes. We are a Google Docs school and our secure Cloud technology allows for collaboration between teacher and student. Our students learn how to use these resources as tools for problem-solving and enhanced education.

Learning Specialist Services
Faithful Shepherd has a daily on-site nurse, a school counselor, a K-5 enrichment teacher and learning specialist teacher.  Faithful Shepherd offers a variety of services to best serve the diverse student learning needs.  The learning specialist provides indirect special education services.  Direct special education services, such as speech and articulation, are handled off-site at Woodland Elementary and students are bused there.

The Faithful Shepherd teaching teams collaborate to ensure all students are working to their fullest potential.  Enrichment opportunities are offered in grades K-8.  The K-5 enrichment teacher collaborates with the K-3 grade-level teachers to offer flexibly-grouped enrichment focused on reading, math, and/or critical thinking and creative thinking.  In grades 4-8, students may have an opportunity to participate in advanced math and/or advanced reading which are faster paced and dive deeper into the content area.  At Faithful Shepherd, we use the Levels of Service Model (Treffinger, et al) to provide enrichment program services.

After-School Care
Faithful Shepherd recognizes the demands on working families today. That’s why our on-site, extended-day program, provided by YMCA, is available after school to support you and your child from 2:30pm-6:00pm. This safe and secure environment engages students in activities that enhance their school curriculum, such as arts & humanities, health & fitness, homework support, conflict resolution, service learning, and more.

Faithful Shepherd Catholic School is a member of the Catholic Athletic Association (CAA), which fosters camaraderie with other Catholic schools of the area. Our team, the Stars, promotes school spirit and team cooperation through a variety of sports, such as baseball, football, soccer, swimming, track & field, and more.

Student Activities
Faithful Shepherd provides a range of extracurricular activities to meet the interests of all students and build community outside of class hours. These are scheduled at different times in the year, so students can participate in multiple activities each year. Some of our extracurricular activities include:
-Cadet Band (starting in 4th grade)
-Concert Band
-Chess Club
-Mad Science
-Cheer & Dance
-Ski Club
-& more
In addition, several activities are built directly into our curriculum, such as Art Adventure, Junior Achievement, holiday concerts/spring musical, and Read-a-thon.

Faith-Based Values and Spiritual Growth
Faith-based values are at the core of our school. We foster a spirit of respect and love toward God and others, and we encourage them to be the hands and feet of Christ in the community in a number of ways.
  • The entire school attends Mass every Wednesday, and classes take turns reading the Scripture, bearing the gifts for Communion, and reading the weekly petitions for prayer.
  • Religion is taught as a separate class/subject at every grade level to instill an understanding of God’s Word and teach children how to live a life of generosity and rich spirituality.
  • Middle school students provide 30 hours of service to the community each year, ten of which are devoted to any parish.
  • The entire school engages in service projects throughout the year as well, such as the Advent and Lenten service projects, and Faith in Action Fridays.
  • All students engage in a mentor program to build community between grade levels. In addition, middle school homebases consist of sixth through eighth graders to create a sense of belonging among the middle school classes.
Community Events
Faithful Shepherd prides itself on being a family-centered community. We offer events throughout the year to welcome parents and strengthen our Faithful Shepherd family. These annual events include the Gala, Family Fun Night, ice cream socials, Septemberfest, and more. We also have ongoing volunteer opportunities and group events.

Student Council
Our Student Council is comprised of elected middle school students who represent the student body. Throughout the year, they grow in leadership by engaging in service projects and planning activities and events for the students.

Faithful Shepherd integrates specialist classes into the student’s schedules to enrich their academic experience and broaden their creativity, knowledge, and physical health. Our specialist classes include visual art, music, Spanish, phy ed, library, and technology. K-5 students attend two specialists each day on a rotating schedule, and middle school students (6-8) attend Spanish daily, phy ed twice throughout the week and the other specialists once a week, also on a rotating schedule.

Foreign Language
Faithful Shepherd gives students a head start on learning a foreign language by integrating Spanish into the children’s specialist schedules in grades K-5 and as a core class in grades 6-8. K-4 students are introduced to an immersion-based Spanish classroom that builds foundations of language, while grades 5-8 study Spanish grammar and sentence formation for a deeper understanding of Spanish writing and conversation. The skills learned throughout their Spanish classes at Faithful Shepherd prepare them for high school language placement exams and mastery over the language.

Bus services are provided for free to students within the District 196 area. Bus services are also available at a cost to students within Mendota Heights.

All of our students are required to wear uniforms. Information on uniform guidelines is available on our website,, or at our uniform supplier, Donald’s Uniform. In addition to new uniforms from Donald’s, Faithful Shepherd hosts a used uniform sale twice a year.
We would love to meet your family! Information about how to schedule a visit can be found by clicking here.