I could write a short book on what we appreciate about Faithful Shepherd Catholic School but thought I would jot down just a few bullet points.
  • The Faithful Shepherd faculty and parents accepted our family with open arms from day one.  We were very appreciative as we were all nervous starting somewhere new.  To this day, every time I come to school for an event or to pick up my son after school, I get the “warm fuzzies”.  That makes me feel and know he is in a caring environment.
  • High standards academically, socially and morally.  It is clear that Faithful Shepherd is focused on helping our children grow into strong young men and women.
  • Talented, passionate and caring are just a few words to describe the teachers.  We can see the results at home of the investment they make in our children.  Pretty cool.
  • Faithful Shepherd does a great job of preparing our kids for High School.  We are seeing this is our daughter’s freshman year in High School.
  • While we are not Catholic by faith, we do appreciate religion being taught and expressed in school.  This has helped our kids deepen their faith and strengthened their moral compass.
In closing, our “return on investment” in sending our kids to Faithful Shepherd has been returned many times over. 
 -Scott and Karen Harrold

We’ve seen the benefits of the Professional Learning Communities first-hand.  At times our children need a little more help grasping concepts for certain subjects and other times the material comes easily to them.  The PLC model is unique in that it accommodates for both situations.  As a result, both children have confidence in their ability to learn at the pace that works best for them.
            -Brian and Jen Roth

I asked my son the night before his concert the songs they were going to be singing.  True to a 7 year old boy he said, “I don’t know Mom.”  So I asked him to sing a couple of the words so I could guess the song and true to a 7 year old boy, he wouldn’t…so I started to sing Jingle Bells.  Upon my starting to sing, he immediately stopped me and emphatically said, “Mom, it’s not a Santa concert, it’s a Jesus concert.”  It reminded me of why I send him to Faithful Shepherd and how fortunate he is to be able to learn and participate in our faith.
-Dionna Jones