School uniforms provide the unity, comfort, and convenience our students need to be better focused on their day.  By eliminating the “noise” and social pressures of “street clothes,” students can concentrate on their learning.  Plus, not having to decide what your child has to wear each morning provides a better start to your day!


To ensure a consistent look among students at Faithful Shepherd, all uniform items need to be purchased through the following channels:

  • Through the designated uniform supplier – Donald’s Apparel and Uniforms. Clothing can be purchased at their St Paul store, or ordered through their website.

  • Two onsite new and used uniform sales hosted by Donald’s and the Faithful Shepherd Home & School Association

    • School prep sale in the Summer (July/August)

    • Mid-year sale in February

  • Branded sweatshirts are available to supplement the regular uniform (sweaters and sweatshirts), and StarWear for designated out-of-uniform days.  To download an order form click the links: