Each child is a gift from God, and in each lies limitless potential. At Faithful Shepherd Catholic School, our faith in God’s plan brings purpose to these gifts, and a Catholic education helps children grow in faith to help their social and spiritual gifts awaken.  The curriculum at Faithful Shepherd is built around the principles of faith and service.

With this model, students are actively engaged making for a more joyful environment and higher academic success. A faith-based education provides a deeper experience now and lays the cornerstone for their future experiences.  Some of the ways we help our students grow in the faith community include:
  •  Daily religion classes that supplement Parish and family teachings
  • Weekly Mass, led by students, to celebrate the Word and Eucharist
  • Faith in Action Fridays that focus on sharing our gifts with those in need
  • Service projects that strengthen the connection between the local, national and global communities and God
  • Opportunities throughout the year for students and their families to show service and celebrate as a school community
  • Service hours for our Middle School students that provide opportunity for involvement in their own communities and parishes