What does the HSA do?

The Home and School Association provides opportunity to become more involved in our school community.  Faithful Shepherd has a rich and inviting community of parents and families, teachers, administration, and parishes. Our goal is to not only support the extras that are so often displaced at other schools, such as art programs, junior achievement, the library, sports, music and other extracurricular activities, but also to strive to bring the community together at events that are fun for the kids and that bring our Faithful Shepherd family closer together.  Please consider joining us and supporting our efforts to strengthen and promote the one of greatest things FSCS offers –  our excellent community of families!
The Mission of the Home & School Association:
  • Promoting collaboration among families, the school and parish communities
  • Supporting the educational goals of the school and assists with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism
  • Leading fundraising activities to support and fund programs and projects that will enrich the curriculum, educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school – Click here to learn more
  • Recruiting volunteers and coordinates volunteer efforts to staff HSA functions and assist with school programs – Click here to volunteer
Who is a member of HSA?
  • Members of the Home and School Association are any parents or guardians of children attending Faithful Shepherd Catholic School. Please feel free to contact any of the HSA board members for more information or to volunteer!
Home & School Association Board

Leah Bungener  – President -
Anne Capitani – Vice President -
Ginger Lawless – Treasurer - glawless@primetherapeutics.com  ;  
Ellen Kane - Communications & Marketing -
Beth Duffy – Social Coordinator -
Sara Steinhardt – Fundraising Coordinator –
Caitlin Haynes - Hospitality Coordinator - haynesfamilymn@gmail.com  ;  
Mary Stoick – Enrichment Coordinator –
Nisha Mackedanz - Secretary -

When does the HSA meet?
The Home and School Association meets at least once a school year.  The meeting for the school year is in September at Parent Back to School Night.  This includes an overview of the Home and School calendar for the year.  The HSA Board meets monthly.